Friday, October 12, 2018

If only I could tweet like Stephen Colbert perhaps I could be more effective warning about dangerously faulty bank regulations.

I saw a tweet from Stephen Colbert @StephenatHome where there was a photo of Melania Trump that I thought was caressing a baby elephant. (Later I found out the baby elephant had given her a push) 

The photo included the comment “I can’t wait for my stepsons to murder you”. 

I might be somewhat old fashioned and I did not like it. It was also obviously a comment that expressed much more Colbert's concern with the White House than his concerns about the destiny of the elephants… and those who follow me know how much I abhor any polarization profiteering.

I tweeted. “That comment reflects worse on you Colbert as it shows a lot of lack of taste.”

I am glad I went to bed shortly thereafter, as otherwise I would have been kept out all night, weathering a storm of hundred of tweets, about 2/3 of these angry at me.

Oh, if only I could receive a fraction of that attention to the following tweet.

“The current credit risk weighted capital requirements guarantee especially large exposures, to what’s perceived as especially safe, against especially little capital, which dooms our bank systems to especially severe crises.”

Perhaps I should ask Colbert to pardon my comment, and help me produce an attention grabbing tweet… something in line with “I cant’ wait for those in the Basel Committee turning our bank system into cosmic dust."

But then again who is the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision, that unelected committee that so dangerously distorts the allocation of bank credit around the world. Their members have so much less name recognition than any of Mrs. Trump’s stepsons.

Do you have any other tweet  suggestion for me?