Monday, August 13, 2007

Let us set the historical records straight

Yes! … keep blaming the housing market and the mortgages and the over lending for the mess and you will not see what is happening in front of your eyes.

And the real culprits are:

The arrogant financial modelers that thought they could predict the future based on quite brief statistics and that lost or forgot all the inhibitions as time kept postponing calling their bluff.

Greedy fund managers whose profitable business model was based on charging commissions on profits derived from their own valuation models and that were so handy in lieu of the non existing markets for their own investment products.

The credit rating agencies that enthralled were so busy celebrating how good their own business was doing so that they completely forgot the bolts and nuts of credit analysis, like walking the streets to see how the mortgages were awarded.

The banking regulators that behaving like former central planners from soviet looked to drive banking risks out of banking, having these risk go underground; and that managed to impose on the market so much obedience to the credit rating agencies, that much of the market forgot or found no need to do its own due diligence.

Finally the spreading of the mantra that the financial risks have finally been conquered, when the real truth was that the risks had only gone into hiding, to gather forces.

Clearly we need to understand very well that at this moment that there are a lot of incentives for the experts to try to take shelter behind “a slowing economy” though in fact the reality is that the economy will now be slowing because of them.

It is up to the rest of us to set the historical records straight.