Sunday, December 2, 2012

Damn you the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision, and you the Financial Stability Board.

In the name of all those perceived as risky small businesses and entrepreneurs who always had to pay higher interest rates and manage with smaller loans, damn you bank regulators! Thanks to you allowing banks to leverage more their equity when lending to “The Infallible” than when lending to us, “The Risky”, we now have to pay even higher interest rates and need to manage with even smaller loans, if we can even get them. 

In the name of all those who are unemployed because there are not enough small businesses and entrepreneurs creating new jobs thank to your stupid kind of risk-adverseness, damn you bank regulators. 

In the name of all citizens of nations with too high public indebtedness only because you, statist bank regulators, allowed banks to lend to sovereigns holding much less capital than when lending to citizens, damn you bank regulators! 

In the name of all us taxpayers who will now be saddled with much higher tax payments for having to bail out so many banks, damn you bank regulators, for regulating without knowing what you are doing. Not only did you not define a purpose for our banks before regulating these, but you also failed to know that in banking, major crisis never ever occur, because of excessive bank exposure to “The Risky” but always because of excessive exposures to "The Infallible” 

Damn you bank regulators for not having the cojones to admit you were so wrong and for now, with Basel III, even doubling down on your huge mistakes of Basel II. Not only are you knighting the too-big-to fail banks as Systemic Important Financial Institutions, leaving all other banks as unimportant, but, on top of your nefarious capital requirements based on perceived risks, you also layer on liquidity requirements based on perceived risks. 

In the name of America and Europe, damn you, you “Great Castrators” who are taking our economies down and making our banks sing in falsetto. 

In our churches we prayed “God make us daring” and that is why we became great… and then you had to come along and spoil it all. Damn you! Don’t you know there can be no “The Infallible” without “The Risky” daring risking it all, and all of us risk adverse citizens being grateful to them for that?