Sunday, May 5, 2013

Are bank regulators violating the human rights of the next generations?

The current capital requirements for banks in Basel II, which are based on perceived risks already previously cleared for, are immensely lower for exposures to “The Infallible”, like to some favored sovereigns and the AAA rated, than for exposures to “The Risky”, like to small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs. And therefore, banks earn immensely more expected risk-adjusted returns on equity when lending to “The Infallible”, than when lending to “The Risky”. 

And that in essence means that banks are following lending and investment objectives much more suitable to retiring baby-boomers, those who adore safety and cash liquid values, than those of the many young, who need much more daring long-term risk-taking... in order to stand a chance to find a job...during their lifetime

And nobody even wants to discuss that distortion, not even the World Bank, the world´s premier development bank. 

And as a result, the gap between the haves, the old, the history, the developed, “The Infallible” and the have-nots, the young, the future, the not developed, “The Risky”, is also increasing. 

Damn those aprės nous le déluge regulators. They castrated our banks and made these abandon our young ones. With what authority do they think they can do a thing like that? 

And, forgive me for asking, but is not a discrimination against the needs of the next generations, in all essence some sort of violation of human rights? And of course one thing is for the regulators to do so unwittingly... but persisting in it even after someone has explained it to them?

Should we not haul the Basel Committee and Financial Stability Board in front of the International Criminal Court in Hague, so as to at least demand the immediate suspension of this odious regulatory policy?