Sunday, February 2, 2014

Will anyone in UK help me file the following complaint against bank regulators through the Financial Conduct Authority?

(As a foreigner not living in the UK, if I filed it, the complaint would probably be ignored)

Below is the link for filing it:

The complaint!

Even though bank capital is primarily needed in order to cover for unexpected losses, regulators have set the capital requirements based on the perceptions about expected losses.

And since the perceptions of expected losses are already cleared for by banks by means of interest rates, size of exposure and other terms, this means that perceptions of expected losses get to be considered twice.

And of course that favors those already favored by being perceived as safe, and punishes those already punished by being perceived as risky.

And of course that makes it impossible for banks to allocate credit efficiently to the real economy, with all the negative consequences that entails... among other to the job prospects of the unemployed youth.

And, to top it up, since the capital requirements are portfolio invariant, which means that these do not consider the dangers caused by excessive exposures to what is perceived as absolutely safe but could turn out to be risky, these do not foment the stability of the banking sector. 

On the contrary, these capital requirements guarantee that in the worst case scenarios, which is when banks encounter that something “absolutely safe” has become “risky”, banks will have too little capital to respond with.

These regulations are therefore destructive and should be changed.