Friday, September 5, 2014

What if regulator X knows about the distortions risk-weighted capital requirements for banks produce and keeps mum?

Regulators, who by mistake develop bad regulations, are of course not committing any sort of criminal activity for which they can be sued… unless perhaps they have presented false credentials, which led them to be appointed to such task.

But, what if the regulators are aware they are enforcing the wrong regulations, but they are not willing to change these because this would entail admitting to a mistake that could make them lose their jobs and be exposed to shame? And what if their mistake has caused, for instance, millions of young Europeans to become a lost generation?

I ask this because I have been trying for years to explain to the regulators of the Basel Committee and the Financial Stability Board, the horrendous distortions credit-risk weighted capital requirements for banks produce, with no luck… 

And then it struck me… what if they know it and for whatever reason just don’t want to admit it? Could they really be so irresponsible?

If so, sincerely, I consider they should be hauled in front of a criminal court.