Monday, October 13, 2014

Before blaming any regulatory capture on bankers, look first to the parents of central bankers and regulators.

That is because the regulatory capture could very well begin with some overly sissy parents, whose risk-adverseness causes the risk aversion in their kids which makes them natural candidates to be central bankers and regulators.

And then their grown-up equally scared kids, prohibit banks from engaging in natural market risk-taking, like lending to entrepreneurs and start-ups. 

And that risk-adverseness takes the strength out of the real economy, and, at the end, only causes banks to take truly dangerously excessive risks on what regulators, with amazing hubris, consider themselves to be capable to deem as “absolutely safe”… like the infallible sovereigns (Greece), the AAAristocracy (securities collateralized with mortgages to the subprime sector) or real estate (Spain).