Friday, January 29, 2016

“delta, vega and curvature risk” Basel Committee’s member understand less and less what they are doing, by the minute

To read the Basel Committee’s “Minimum capital requirements for market risk” of January 2016 is truly mindboggling. Do yourself a favor and just look at the index.

Do those really responsible for what is coming out of the Basel Committee truly understand what is said there?

I am sure that John Kenneth Galbraith’s “If one is pretending to knowledge one does not have, one cannot ask for explanations to support possible objections”, applies to most of them.

And it is not like the Basel Committee has shown itself to be a good regulatory body. It has actually been one of the most failed ones… so failed that they should have been prohibited from having anything to do with bank regulations… forever.

Do you really think its current Chair, Stefan Ingves, could provide you with a lucid explanation of it?

I know enough about finance to know when our banks are being dug even deeper in the hole in which they should not be.

The regulators wrote that the bank capital requirements are portfolio invariant because … otherwise it “would have been a too complex task for most banks and supervisors alike”... and now they come with "delta, vega and curvature risk"?