Sunday, May 20, 2018

If the Basel Committee had only been asked these four simple questions about its risk weighted capital requirements for banks?

1. What? Do you really know what the real risks for banks are? If you do, why are you not bankers?

2. What? Don’t you see that allowing banks to leverage differently with different assets will lead to a new not market set of risk adjusted returns on equity. Are you not at all concerned this could dangerously distort the allocation of credit to the real economy?

3. What? Do you think that what’s perceived risky by bankers that which they adjust by means of lower exposures and higher risk premiums, is more dangerous to the bank system than what they perceive as safe?

4. What? A 0% risk weight of sovereigns? That could only be explained by their capacity to print currency in order to get out of debt. But is that not also one of their worst possible misbehaviors?

How much sufferings and how many unrealized dreams would not have been avoided?

And now, 30 years after that faulty regulation was introduced with the Basel Accord in 1988, these questions are still waiting for an answer.

PS. Here a list of some of the horrendous mistakes of the risk weighted capital requirements