Saturday, October 15, 2011

If only those of Occupy Wall Street knew

Just think about what those in Wall Street could be saying for if they really knew what they were talking about… Then they could for instance be asking for capital requirements for banks based on job creation ratings, because, if as tax payers we are to be the ultimate pick-uppers of any bank crisis, then we should at least be certain that the purpose of the banks is acceptable to us. 

Right now, the only purpose for the banks that the regulators have de-facto defined, by means of some ridiculous low capital requirements when lending to what is ex-ante perceived as not risky, and which allows for immensely high leverage of bank equity, is for the banks to make huge profits… and that, as purposes come, seems both vulgar and dumb, to say the least.

(Dumb because never ever do systemic bank crises occur as a result of excessive exposures to what is perceived as “risky”, these only result from excessive exposures to what is ex-ante perceived as “not-risky”, which is in fact the only perception that has the ability to generate huge unpleasant surprises.)

(Unfortunately there are many comfortable pseudo-truths about this crisis being pushed by various agendas, and so that the real truth, and that would be so embarrassing for the regulators, is taking a long time to come out.)

If you allow me here is a video explaining current regulatory madness it in an apolitical red and blue!