Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lord Adair Turner on the Euro

Lord Adair Turner recently said “the thing that has gone wrong is the way we've encouraged Italian banks to hold to Italian debt” 

And so much more with their outright stupid capital requirements for banks based on perceived risks. These drove the banks to excessive exposure to “no-risk-land”, that land which as an example included the AAA rated securities and Greece, precisely the land that they, as regulators, should now is where all the excessive exposures and unpleasant surprises and systemic bank crises occur, while at the same time driving away the banks from helping out those in “risk-land”, where all the small businesses and entrepreneurs live, and in which never ever has a bank crises occurred. 

How much in extra interest rates, or in less access to credit, have the job creating small UK businesses and entrepreneurs have had to pay over the years, just because of Lord Turner and his chums’ regulatory nanny like anti-perceived-risk bias 

And here he is still “not advocating any deviation from the path set by Basel” 

Still I guess we can count ourselves lucky that Lord Turner is not also in charge of the golf handicap system, because if so, he would long ago killed that popular sport by allowing the good players like you more strokes, while taking strokes away from bad players like me.

PS. If you allow here´s a video that explains part of the craziness of our bank regulations