Saturday, February 2, 2013

Damn you bank regulators

When I see this hopeful Spanish youth doing the best it can to hold their heads up high, and at the same time I know we have bank regulations that go against job creation, I am so sad and so mad.

The current capital requirements for banks, more capital when the perceived risk of the bank asset is higher and less capital when the perceived risk of the bank asset is lower, sounds so logical, but is in fact so dumb. 

First, never ever have bank crises resulted from excessive bank exposures to “The Risky” they have always resulted from excessive exposures to what was believed to be “The Infallible”

Second, these capital requirements discriminates against “The Risky”, those actors like small businesses and entrepreneurs and who try to create a living-room for themselves on the margin of the real economy, and who are one of the most important sources of the next generation of job.

And the regulators are completely unwilling to accept they are so profoundly mistaken and be held accountable for it. Damn you bank regulators!