Saturday, March 29, 2014

If the Basel Committee had had anything to do with it we, the Western World, would not be cycling.

If the largest of the apprehensions of our mother and of our grandmother about cycling had determined our bicycling, we would still be cycling.

But, if the apprehensions of our mother and our grandmother about cycling had been added up, we would not been cycling.

And that is another way to explain how, when our bankers apprehensions about lending to “the risky”, those reflected in higher interest rates, smaller loans and tighter conditions, got added up to our bank regulator’s apprehensions about risks, those reflected in the capital requirements... it all resulted in our banks not lending to “the risky”, like to the medium and small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

We need to stress test our bank regulators too! How? Analyze what assets banks do now not have on their balance sheets... thanks to the regulators' interfering and arrogantly playing risk managers for the world

God save us from these regulators.... God please make us daring!