Saturday, January 31, 2015

Those in Davos 2015 might be famous and rich but, as the elite the world needs, they don't cut it.

Dumb bank regulators that should be concerned with the possibilities of banks perceiving credit risks wrongly, decided instead to introduce equity requirements for banks based on ex ante perceived credit risks.

And simplistically they applied a more-risk-more-equity and less-risk-less-equity rule, ignoring that a real bank system crisis only results from when something ex ante perceived as absolutely safe, turns out ex post to be very risky.

And that caused banks to lend excessively to some infallible sovereigns, the AAArisktocracy and real estate, which brought on the current crisis 

And that keeps us from getting out of the crisis, since those tough risky risk taking small businesses and entrepreneurs we need to get going when the going gets tough, are denied fair access to bank credit by equity starved banks. 

And this fundamental problematic was not even part of the agenda discussed in Davos 2015. I must say, they might be very famous and rich, but as the financial elite the world needs, those in Davos 2015 don't cut it.