Saturday, January 31, 2015

Where were Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman when the Basel Committee decided to odiously discriminate against "the risky"?

We have Nobel Prize winners complaining, over and over again, about how de-regulated bankers messed up the world, without saying one iota about how it really was, with regulators who with their portfolio invariant credit risk-weighted equity requirements for banks, are all to blame for that.

Those bank regulators odiously discriminated in favor of those who already have more access to bank credit, namely the “infallible sovereigns” and the AAArisktocracy. 

Those regulators odiously discriminated against the fair access to bank credit of those we most need to have access to bank credit, like the "risky" small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Many correctly argue that bankers should have to give back much of their bonuses, if in the medium and long term what they did did not work out alright. In the same vein there should perhaps be a claw-back clause on Nobel Prizes.