Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Current bank regulations present two absolute inexplicable lunacies, which can only be justified if you are a communist

Starting 1988, with the G10 Basel Accord of which the US is a signatory, bank regulators, in Basel I, for the purposes of establishing how much capital (equity) banks need to hold against assets, declared the following credit-risk-weights: Government Zero percent; citizens, or their SMEs, 100 percent.

Knowing that only the citizens are the real back up of any government, and that governments can be very creative dishonoring their debt, for instance by means of inflation… that is an absolute inexplicable lunacy... unless you’re a communist of course.

Worse yet. Those risk weights cause banks to lend more and at lower relative rates to the government than to the citizens and to their SMEs. And that would imply that government bureaucrats are more productive using bank credit than the citizens, or their SMEs.

In other words, the credit-risk-weights de facto simultaneously translates into bank-credit-productivity-weights of 100% for government bureaucrats and zero percent for citizens, or for their SMEs. 

And so the question lingers is the Basel Committee a tool for communists to infiltrate the financial system of the free world? It would certainly seem so.