Monday, May 11, 2015

Dumb bank regulators clearly evidence we need artificial intelligence, at least as a backup

Banks fail because: they cannot perceive the risks correctly, they cannot manage the correctly perceived risks correctly, or suddenly something truly bad an unexpected happens… like the economy falling to pieces.

So if banks should be required to hold equity, in order to build up a buffer before they need help from taxpayers, those equity requirements should be based on: the credit risks not being correctly perceived, the bankers not being able to manage perceived risks, and something truly not expected happening, like an asteroid hitting their borrowers.

But, the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision, based its equity requirements for banks on the ex ante credit risks being correctly perceived… and that is nothing but loony... seemingly they all missed the lecture on conditional probabilities.

Besides they regulate banks in thousand of pages, without defining what the purpose of banks is… and that is nothing but absolutely irresponsible.

Any artificial intelligence worthy of its name would have made two simple questions.

What is the purpose of banks?

What has caused major bank crisis?

And how different and better the world would then have been. We could surely have had other type of problems, but definitively not the current crisis, caused by excessive lending to what was ex ante perceived as safe; nor the current lousy economy, caused by the lack of lending to those perceived as “risky”, like the SMEs, precisely the tough we need to get going when the going gets tough.

Our grandchildren will damn current bank regulators, for not allowing banks to take the risks their future needs.