Sunday, October 11, 2015

The world’s banking system has been instructed by its regulator to give perceived credit risk a 200% weighting.

With bankers using perceived credit risk to set their interest rates and amount of exposures; and regulators using the same perceived credit risk to set their capital requirements for banks; it is clear that perceived credit risks get a 200% weighting. 

Any banking system that becomes 200% sensitive to perceived credit risks, dooms itself to lend dangerously much to The Safe, the Infallible Sovereigns and the AAArisktocracy; and way too little to The Risky, like to SMEs and entrepreneurs; which is of course fatal for the real economy and therefore also to the banks.

What would have happened if Winston Churchill, when confronted with the dangers had said: "In order to avoid our houses being bombed, we need to become 200% sensitive to risk."

This whole blog is dedicated to explaining how fatally flawed current Basel Committee originated bank regulations are. Here is a recent public letter to its current chair Mr. Stefan Ingves.