Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Basel Committee’s besserwissers, on top of the ordinary defenses of banks, built a dangerous Maginot Line,

When banks use ex ante perceived credit risks (EAPCRs) to determine the interest rates (risk premiums) the amounts and other contractual terms of their exposures… all these their defenses, it might still at the end of the day, at least for some individual banks, end up like a totally useless Maginot Line.

But, when regulators decide to base their capital requirements for banks on precisely the same EAPCRs, then they are, de facto, on top of the defenses built by the bankers, building an extremely dangerous Maginot Line that could bring the whole banking system down.

That is because giving 200% weight to the EAPCRs will mean that “The Safe” be perceived as safer than what the EAPCRs validate, and “The Risky” will be perceived as riskier than the EACPRs validate. And the banking system will therefore lend too much to The Safe ("infallible sovereigns" and AAArisktocracy) and too little to The Risky (SMEs and entrepreneurs.

God save us from hubristic besserwisser regulators’ mumbo jumbo scheming!

The only moment when we currently could deem our banks to be safe, and the credit allocation to the real economy is not distorted, is when the EAPCRs are adequately wrong. Meaning The Safe are in reality safer than perceived; and The Risky are in reality riskier than perceived… What a crazy world!

PS. May I humbly remind you of The Per Kurowski’s Rule?