Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Me, as a bank investor!

As an investor in a bank the first thing I want from it is to dedicate itself exclusively to lending to what is officially considered as “risky”, like small business and entrepreneurs, and for which the bank is required to have capital... meaning I count. 

I abhor my bank to lend to anything that is officially considered as “absolutely safe” for 4 reasons: a.- it will probably mean they will be less careful, b.- they can do so with much less bank capital and so therefore as a shareholder I become less important, c.- it is only in what is considered as not risky that the banks can build up exposures that can lead me to lose it all, d.- if I want to invest in something perceived as “absolutely not risky”, I do not need a bank for that... anyone can read a credit rating.

By the way, I suppose you have heard about risk-adjusted returns?