Saturday, March 21, 2015

Our economies are bloated by QEs, low interests and other stimuli, and the lack of real risk-taking.

Tarps, fiscal deficits, QEs and minimal interest rates, in an economy where regulators have by means of risk-weighted equity requirements de facto prohibited banks to take real risks, like lending to SMEs and entrepreneurs, only to take on false risks, like leveraging too much on what is "safe", has created a bloated economy full of assets with inflated values... and helped finance the permanence of inefficiencies that should have been long gone.

The economy now needs to fart, urgently, but boy is it going to be embarrassing smelly… and painful!

That deflation is not curable with factory produced inflation but only with the type of sturdy growth that can justify the relative values of all assets. You do not live on existing assets alone.

You cannot grow muscles by staying in bed just eating fats and carbs... you need exercise and proteins... even if "risky" 

But who knows, Mario Draghi and his colleagues might all just be Chauncey Gardiners too :-( 

And what could lead to less inequality: to inflate the value of assets that are already owned or to try to create new assets?