Thursday, January 3, 2008

If knowledge suffices then wisdom is worthless

If knowledge suffices then wisdom is worthless and sure enough our bank regulators placed more value on knowledge than on wisdom; which is the only way how you can explain such foolish behavior as empowering the credit rating agencies with so much power over the financial flows of the world.

See where this has gotten us. All the very sub-prime awarded mortgages to borrowers that classified as subprime would have not been able to go anywhere had they not been blessed as prime collaterals for other securities.

One reason that stops the world from realizing the foolishness of it all is that the credit rating agencies are private, and we have all been Pavloved into establishing a connection between private and free efficient markets. The truth though is that the private credit rating professionals are only outsourced bureaucrats working for some pompous Ministry of Financial Risk Elimination.