Sunday, October 26, 2014

I am sure that for Europe’s young unemployed, all 123 European banks failed EBA’s and ECB’s stress tests… dramatically.

So now the European Banking Authority (EBA) has announce the stress test of 123 European banks… and we are informed that 12 failed. Bullshit! They all have failed. 

For instance, ECB's Vitor Constancio says “the vast majority of banks proved resilient”… and I just have to ask him… What’s good about a resilient bank that completely fails to intermediate credit correctly? ... or, as John Augustus Shedd (1850-1926) so well phrased it: “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are for.”

It is not what’s on the balance sheets of the banks of Europe that should most concern us… it is what has been condemned by bank regulators from being on the balance sheets of banks in Europe that should really make us tremble… namely all the loans to medium and small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups. 

And that so extremely risky prohibition to take risks, that which has effectively castrated European banks, was imposed by the regulators, by means of their so tragically unwise credit risk weighted capital (meaning equity) requirements for banks.

And, to top it up, that will not make our banks safer in the long term... since there have never ever been major bank crises which have detonated because of excessive exposures to what, ex ante, was perceived as risky, as these have always resulted from excessive bank exposures (against too little bank equity) to what was, ex ante, perceived as absolutely safe.

NOTE: I am a happy husband, father and grandfather, with no scandalous past. 

I have a long and quite successful carrier as a financial and strategic private and public sector consultant and, in 2002-2004, I was an Executive Director at the World Bank. 

I have studied in Sigtuna SHL Sweden, Lund University, IESA Caracas, London Business School and London School of Economics. 

Since 1997 I have published over 800 Op-Eds in some of the most important newspapers in Venezuela. 

I have had many letters and articles on banking regulations published around the world. And few can claim having warned in such precise terms about the impending banking disasters as I did between 1997 and 2007. 

And I stake all my professional reputation, and the loving trust my family has shown me over the years, on the fact that current bank regulators of the Basel Committee, and of the Financial Stability Board, have been wrong. Not a pardonable 15 degrees wrong, but an unpardonable 180 degrees totally wrong.