Monday, October 13, 2014

Mario Draghi, Stefan Ingves, Mark Carney, Jaime Caruana and other bank regulators, you should be ashamed

Thanks to theirs and other regulators’ credit risk weighted capital requirement for banks, the risks your banks now take, are that of dangerously excessive exposures to what’s deemed as “absolutely safe”; not the true risk-taking the economy needs; and, as a consequence, Europe, which was constructed upon true risk-taking, is now stalling and falling… and its youth condemned to be a lost generation.

You young Europeans, if you want to have a chance of a better world, or a least of a not too much worse world, then go tell your regulators to immediately stop basing their capital requirements for banks on some purposeless credit risk ratings, those which are already considered by banks; and to use instead creation-of-jobs-to-young-people ratings, sustainability of planet earth ratings, and, when lending to sovereigns, ethics and good governance ratings.

Tell them that they should know that secular stagnation, deflation, mediocre economy and all similar obnoxious creatures, are direct descendants of excessive risk aversion